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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the A/C Kit fit my EuroVan?  Click here for info

How does the A/C sleeve attach to my pop top?
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Help! I lost my directions that came with my A/C kit!! 
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How does the A/C Kit do in the rain?

No different than if it wasn't raining! Water does not come inside the bus. In fact, the A/C helps remove humidity inside the bus from the damp weather! You may want to spray some canvas tent waterproofing spray on the canvas sleeve to ensure no water gets in.
Where does the water from the A/C unit go?
The A/C unit drains right outside, just as if it were raining out. Our water usually drips down the front and/or side window of the bus, depending on how we are parked.
Can I plug the A/C unit into my bus?
I would highly NOT recommend that!! Take an extension cord with you and plug the A/C unit directly into the electric hook up at the camp ground.
Do you make screens for the sunroof, roof vent, rear hatch, side windows, and sliding door?
No, not at this time. But check back, I may get around to making a pattern for them in the future. In the meantime, check out my friend, Steve's, website, He sells all the different screens for the EuroVan and Vanagons, as well as other neat things for Bay Windows too! We bought our Fiamma awning for our Bay Window Bus from him! Great guy to deal with! (He's also in our Bus Club)